Arts & Crafts  in English  for children  and   the  adults   who  love  them!  


Our Haus

The Craft Haus is a home-based weekly arts & craft class for children and adults in an English language setting. Our space is small and intimate with the goal to give personal attention to all our creative visitors. We aim to create and nurture vibrant ideas and blend in an English speaking environment. Here at The Craft Haus we're all about having fun with creative materials and making a bit of a mess along the way! We invite you to explore with us in drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, printmaking, process art, recycled art, big art, messy art, nature art, contemporary crafts & more!

The Craft Haus

Our Instructor

Sarah McBride-  Artist  /  Founder

Hello! I'm Sarah :) A self-taught artist, painter and lifetime crafter. I am a proud mother of two amazing children and married to the love of my life.  I am originally from Austin, Texas but I have been living in Germany since 2001. I am fluent in English & German and raising my children in a bilingual home.  For many years I have followed my heart and cultivated my passion for any type of creative outlet.  I found myself painting and crafting with always a child's mind in the forefront of my thoughts. Making life long memories with and for my children has inspired me to turn my passion into a full-time career.  Children reap benefits when they are exposed to arts and crafts and I strongly believe that happiness is homemade. To give encouragement and provide freedom to simply create from the heart will produce true masterpieces. Watching others in that state of peaceful creation constantly reminds me of how privileged we are to be alive full of ideas and inspiration. I’ve found that over the years my love to empower kids in the arts gives the courage to be unique and helps step into their own. I find my deepest inspiration is simply the process of creating something out of nothing. To open oneself to a world where anything is possible and there are no mistakes- a great place to find inspiration!

 Our Space

Crafting Table  

We started our arts & crafts class around this table, situated with six seats. At first it was with family, then it grew to family and friends. Then friends shared their works of art and stories of how we merged our crafting within a bilingual environment. Now we offer several classes for children and adults! When you arrive you may find us sitting at this table, maybe on the floor, or outside in the garden collecting flowers, stones and sticks for a new project. Sometimes even meeting in a local park to craft in the sunshine :) Either way, our goal is to help you find connection, inspiration, learning, fun and most of all- lots of art! 

Photo credit: https://www.freepik.com & The Craft Haus Photography